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I work with top-performing athletes to help, support and guide them throughout their careers. 

Samuel sebagabo

Samuel's journey in football has been a rollercoaster ride, but his passion for the sport has never wavered. We have had the pleasure of working with him since his grassroots days, and it's been amazing to see him go through the ranks in Derby County FC academy. Although he wasn't offered a professional contract, he didn't let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. After a few trials, he has decided to commit to play football (soccer) as a student athlete in the USA. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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Laken Torres

Laken's impressive performance in the youth set up at Chesterfield FC did not go unnoticed. He scored 53 goals in the 21-22 season and was awarded academy player of the year. Although he did not make it to the first team squad for the rest of the 22-23 season, this gave him the opportunity to explore other options. After receiving a few rejections, Laken finally found a good fit at Watford FC, where he was offered his first professional contract with an option for another year. Congratulations to Laken on this exciting new chapter in his career!

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